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  • 【jtsc_goods】"I'm AWESOME!" T-shirts can now be purchased from overseas.

【jtsc_goods】"I'm AWESOME!" T-shirts can now be purchased from overseas.


【"AWESOME!" T-shirts】
Now you can order "I'm AWESOME T-shirts from overseas.


Produced by J.T. himself in 2008, the "I'm AWESOME!" T-shirt recently celebrates its 13th anniversary. This shirt is worn by over 1,000 people, including athletes all around the world who share J.T.'s philosophy. Currently, we use Yokohama BLUE as a basic color, which is originally from the Yokohama DeNa Baystars.

"I'm AWESOME!" is the battlecry of our president, J.T. It means that respecting oneself leads to respect for others and mutual recognition of different values. 

2020 color limited, SD BROWN and SD WHITE.
Click here for details.


If you would like to make a purchase, please email us tne following infomation, and we will reply to you wiht an invoice for the credit card payment.

■ Color
■ Size
■ Number
■ Address

CONTACT US for the inquiry form.
* Response time may be delayed due to current condition.

■ Color
 ★Yokohama BLUE(Basic color)
 ★SD BROWN (2020 limited color)
 ★SD WHITE (2020 limited color)
 Click here for 2020 limited color

■ Price
 JPY3,900 / USD35 (tax included / shipping not included)
 *Shipping fee will be USD5-10 for 1-3 T-shirts. Delivery takes roughly 2 weeks.

■ Size
 S, M, L, XL, XXL(Japanese Size)
 *We recommend 1 size larger for US size.

■ Payment
 Credit card payment
 *The invoice for credit card will be sent to your email address.