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  • 【jtsc_online】 We officially start online coaching and training support for TEAM.

【jtsc_online】 We officially start online coaching and training support for TEAM.


【jtsc_online Team support】
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Price and Cancel Policy

J.T. STRENGTH & CONDITIONING, Co., Ltd. starts online TEAM coaching and training support. For all of you, feel the value and potential of jtsc_online online support.

Example of contract team:
Gorilla Clinic Baseball(Japanese)

 ★ Enhance the motivation of “doing what you can do now” in response to global emergencies and create opportunities for health management.
 ★Increase the experience of online workouts for users and organizers, and make online workout and events more accessible.
 ★ Expand oppotunities to interact with the world.

◆ Special Price and Benefit
 ★ Start 55,000 yen (Program 4 / month contract / 60-90 minutes per session)
 Click here for price list and cancellation policy.
 ★ 50% OFF for the first month, or donate a training kit (for Program 4 / month contract)
 ★ Online group workout (once a week or more)
 ★ Providing team programs such as core and strength (with LINE, etc.)
 ★ Individual program consultation (with LINE, etc.)
 ★ 50% OFF for direct instruction support once (once a year)
 * It is a great value program compared to direct instruction. Combination with direct instruction is also recommended.

◆ Reservation (e-mail address required✉)
 ★ If you would like to consult us for the first time, please feel free to contact us.
 ★ Coordination of appointments and schedules with team representatives.
 * Payment can be made by bank transfer or the credit card.

◆ Preparation
 ★ Download "ZOOM" app in advance🎥
 Download ZOOM iphone here
 Download ZOOM Android app here
 ★ Water, stretch mat, towel, (training kit)
 ★You are avirable to get jtsc_training kit in here

◆ Contact Us
 ★ We look forward to your participation! If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.
 Contact Us